The best Swedish Musicians today

Sweden has a longstanding reputation for producing high-qualitymusic. Throughout history, Sweden has always produced successful classical and folk musicians. However, in modern times, pop music has completely taken over the Swedish music scene much to the enjoyment of the locals and the rest of the world. Some of the most popular groups throughout history include ABBA, Ace if Base, the Cardigans, Roxette, and many more.

Today, Sweden has quickly become a hotbed for high energy contemporary music. When it comes to pop music, Sweden really can do no wrong; in the past few years, Swedish music has extended easily to the rest of the world. To acquaint you, here are some of the best Swedish musicians today:

Lykke Li

Lykke Li, also known formerly as Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson is a Swedish pop singer and songwriter. Her music is primarily a mixture of indie pop and electronic. Her first album titled Youth Novels in 2008 is what ushered her to fame thanks to her melodic singing and performance skills. Her following album, Wounded Rhymes, which was released in 2011 displayed her growth and maturity, making her one of her country’s most respected pop artists.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon can trace their origins to the town of Gothenburg in Sweden. Made up of 4 group members, namely Yukimi Nagano, Håkan Wirenstrand, Fredrik Wallin and Erik Bodin, this group was formed back in 1996. Little Dragon is known for its unique sound and approach to contemporary music and their performances and music videos are often characterized by dreamy landscapes and experimental electronic sounds that tie everything together in a unique way.

Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke mainly releases electronic and dance music, and she is quickly becoming one of the acts to watch out for in Sweden and the rest of the world. Aside from touring with top global acts such as Lorde and Katy Perry, she has also managed to release a series of albums over the years that have garnered her a lot of attention.

Miike Snow

Miike Snow is a popular Swedish Indie cover band that has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best producers in the Swedish music business. His producers have been credited with producing g great acts such as Jeniffer Lopez, Britney Spear, and Madonna, which probably helps to partly explain why Mikke has experienced so much success at home and globally as well.


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Why is Swedish Music Able to Sustain Long-Term Popularity?

Swedish music reigns globally. Some of the best-known Swedish musicians of all time include ABBA, Avicii, Roxette, and Robyn. Zara Larsson and Mans Zelmerlow, a Eurovision winner, have also made a mark in the global musical industry.

So, why are these Swedish musicians able to make hits that resonate with fans worldwide?

Swedish music schools

Sweden is a small country. It has a population of around 9.9 million. Despite this, the education system enables musicians to thrive. The fact that music schools in the country receive public funding has also helped the young to join the industry and produce great hits.

The country runs a successful system known as municipal music education.

Swedish love for their role models

The Swedes love for their role models remains unmatched today. Over the years, they have demonstrated unparalleled love for some of their biggest stars in different genres. ABBA made a breakthrough in the music industry and since then more Swedish acts have followed suit.

Good English speakers

English is one of the three most spoken languages in the world. It ranks third behind Chinese and Spanish. For this reason, any individual or group that sings in English is likely to enjoy wide listenership globally. That’s what the Swede have done exceptionally well over the years.

English is the second most spoken language in Sweden.

Melody comes first

Swedish music focuses on melody first. In other places, such as the United States, lyrics receive more prominence. The country’s music prioritizes melodious tunes, especially feel-good melodies. Its music incorporates simple lyrics that everybody can understand.

Sweden’s love affair with the latest trends

H&M, Ikea and Spotify are three of the country’s well-known innovations. Similarly, the country has a progressive approach where music is concerned. It has no trouble keeping up with the latest trends in the music industry, as Avicii aptly demonstrated in recent times.

Effect of globalization

MTV had one of the biggest effects in Swedish music. It came into the country in 1987. MTV Europe showed more music videos from Swedish artists thus giving them the international exposure they needed to go to the next level. Since then, the artists have not looked back.

Love for the choirs

Most Swedish musicians start singing in choirs. The country’s choir union says that more than half-a-million Swedes are in choirs. The country has around 500 choirs, which is the highest per capita in the world.

The 1970s marked the start of the era of Swedish music.

The 1980s represented a period when the country’s music rocked.

The 1990s was a period when Swedish producers took center stage globally.


How does Spotify Help Swedish Music?

Spotify is one of the leading digital music services in the world. Its subscribers can access millions of songs from different genres, artists, bands, and countries from various parts of the world. It is one of the latest innovations to come out of Sweden and win global recognition. Spotify has been a great tool for most Swedish musicians. It makes use of its numbers to help musicians leverage their sales.

How has Spotify helped the music industry in Sweden?

Significant growth in sales

First, Swedish music has experienced a significant growth in sales since Spotify entered the market. In the first half of 2012, the sales increased by as much as 30.1 percent. Streaming music services are now responsible for roughly 89 percent of all music sales in the country. Essentially, Spotify has made the music industry in the country more buoyant than ever. The streaming service is helping musicians to earn more money.

In fact, many artists owe their successes to Spotify.

The Sweden-based streaming service offers musicians one more avenue for making money. Artists make money every time users listen to or stream their music on Spotify. Therefore, it is safe to say that the more an artist’s music is streamed on Spotify the more money it earns. The money earned may not be enough to pay the band members though. However, it is enough to settle a few other bills.

Other Spotify advantages

Nevertheless, is Spotify’s influence only limited to a moneymaking service for artists?

Spotify has a strong presence in the world of social media too. Spotify has also become a social tool. It has integrated its services into various social media platforms. Musicians are now able to utilize their social media skills to promote their music. Subscribers also have the opportunity of sharing the music they listen to with other users. They can do so on their own social media networks thus giving more publicity to Swedish music.

The music industry in Sweden is heading the right way. Its long roster of globally recognized music stars are helping the industry to make great strides worldwide. The industry’s ever-expanding revenues and incomes offer solid proof of the good times that await musicians in the country. Concert revenues, royalties, and music sales (from services such as Spotify) represent the three factors most responsible for the positive times the industry enjoys.

Music sales from CDs are also up; thus negating the oft-spoken belief that Spotify kills them.

Sales from vinyl records are also higher than what musicians earn from YouTube.

Sweden loves giving its musicians and artists the resources they need to pursue their dreams.

Spotify is simply helping musicians to leverage on this to enjoy more success.