If you have spent some part of your life as a tenant, then you know that end of tenancy cleaning is part of a tenant’s life. That is if you are the kind of tenant who cares about the tenancy deposit refund. Using end of tenancy cleaning services is the more convenient thing to do than DIY cleaning. Using the best end of tenancy cleaning services will always ensure that you get your tenancy deposit refunded.

Many people nowadays prefer to use these services for the convenience. However, different people have different experiences with cleaning services. The main issues in this business relationship are pricing, and the tasks to be carried out. How do you deal with cleaning services for a smoother working relationship?

Have a clear price quote

Some people will engage a cleaning service without being specific on the price only to dispute when the invoice shows up. Many cleaning services have standard charges for different house sizes. They also have standard task lists that they work with depending on the kind of job you want to be done. If you engage a cleaning service without asking for a price quote on the kind of tasks you want to be done, there will definitely be a dispute over pricing. Always ensure you have a clear price quote before the cleaning crew starts the job.

Agree on the tasks

End of tenancy cleaning is an involving job with tens of tasks to be done cleaning the house from the ceiling to the floor in every room. Some of the best end of tenancy cleaning services are experienced enough to work even in big houses without supervision as they have their standard task lists, which are often adequate. But it is always good to agree on the tasks to be done before the job commences.

This helps avoids misunderstanding that comes from assumption. The cleaning crew could assume that they are not supposed to work on something that you assumed they would. Having a task list helps in reviewing the work done as you can tick off satisfactory tasks one by one.

Avoid micromanagement

Professional end of tenancy cleaning crews have the skills and experience to do what is required. Hand over the task list and leave them to do the work.

Inspect the work if possible

Ensure to inspect the work once the cleaning crew is through. Any tasks done unsatisfactorily can be redone before the crew leaves. This avoids disputes after the crew is gone, which may be harder to resolve.

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