Tenants are usually required to do end of tenancy cleaning when they move out of a rented property. Many security deposit disputes are due to cleanliness and damage issues once the keys are handed back to the agency or landlord. Agents deduct the cost of cleaning and repairs from the security deposit. While some tenants will try and do the cleaning themselves, most opt for professional end of tenancy cleaning London.

The standard end of tenancy cleaning London usually consists of thorough clean of the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. The walls, floors, windows, carpets, rugs, tiles, and surfaces are cleaned to a very high standard. Any dirt, dust and cobwebs embedded in hard to reach areas also has to be removed. Washing machines, dishwashers and any other appliances in the rental property need to be cleaned out as well. Due to the extensive list of things that need to be cleaned, it is easy to miss some minor details and ultimately fail the final inspection.

The first step towards ensuring that you get your full deposit back is checking the inventory report. It is a third party report that is done before you occupy the property. The report documents everything in the house including the state of cleanliness and any damages. It should also include evidence to back up the facts in case there is a dispute when you decide to move out. Tenancy contracts usually state that the property should be returned in the state it was at the time of moving in. That said, you may want to take photos as evidence if the report is mainly text.

It is important to note that some tenancy agreements require one to hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services to take care of the task. This often results in expensive costs for some tenants. Additionally, it is not fair for a landlord to ask the tenant to pay for the property to be cleaned to a higher standard than when they moved in. So long as the property is clean when you hand over the keys, it doesn’t matter which cleaning methods you choose.

The landlord can hire a professional cleaning company and deduct the cost from your deposit. If you have to do the same before moving in, it is only fair that you return the favor when moving out. Make sure that you ask for a receipt when the landlord claims to have hired a cleaning company.

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